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6.2 boo hoo boo

The unhappy subs are out in force today. So many people have given up again with wow. My guild managed to get 850 members after the WOD expansion but has since almost fallen apart. I kicked 650 members from the guild for being AFK for over two months! And on a weekly basis another 10-30 people go AFK. I’m constantly spam recruiting more casuals to try and keep the guild actively but the truth is, we are struggling to get people to socialise now never mind pvp and raid. I won’t patronise you by asking is this the end of wow because let’s face it, the end is not near. What needs to happen though is drastic changes come about to bring back all of these lost subs. 10 million subscribers must be down to about 7 million by now because every raiding guild I know is struggling to keep their numbers up. Twitter is just a constant stream of negativity about the game, and what was once excitement for 6.2 has turned into a raging argument about flying, weak pvp classes and how drastic changes are needed. It’s about time wow stopped making everything so accessible for the casual player in my opinion. Premade group finder is a great tool but it’s also killing the need for guilds. These people who are probably about heroic level would be in a guild which would be progressing through mythic but instead they … Just… Aren’t. I got fed up of the apexis daily quest, I got fed up trying to figure out what the hell is going on in ashran, so I settled for making gold,  levelling chars and raiding. From 32,000g to 370,000g and 7/10 mythic BRF I’ve done quite a lot in this expansion but I’ve not touched archaeology,pvp, and have even paid to have two characters boosted to 90, to avoid having to even level. Wow needs change, wow needs to find a way to bring the fun back for the Monday-Friday 4 hours a night keyboard ninja. I want mass interaction, I want garrisons removed, I want a cap on the number of guilds on a server to force people to bunch up, I want flying(I paid for it at one point so don’t take it away from me!) Originally people were asking for a home in game to decorate as they wished, to sit in with guildies and have fun, what we ended up with was a lonely effectively soul draining daily quest which is now being expanded into 6.2 via boat missions… For the love of wow garrisons need to be removed. Replace them with a guild area of similar area. 

I’m telling you this because I love you. Stop being a dick wow. Stop being a dick.

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