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6.2 boo hoo boo

The unhappy subs are out in force today. So many people have given up again with wow. My guild managed to get 850 members after the WOD expansion but has since almost fallen apart. I kicked 650 members from the guild for being AFK for over two months! And on a weekly basis another 10-30 people go AFK. I’m constantly spam recruiting more casuals to try and keep the guild actively but the truth is, we are struggling to get people to socialise now never mind pvp and raid. I won’t patronise you by asking is this the end of wow because let’s face it, the end is not near. What needs to happen though is drastic changes come about to bring back all of these lost subs. 10 million subscribers must be down to about 7 million by now because every raiding guild I know is struggling to keep their numbers up. Twitter is just a constant stream of negativity about the game, and what was once excitement for 6.2 has turned into a raging argument about flying, weak pvp classes and how drastic changes are needed. It’s about time wow stopped making everything so accessible for the casual player in my opinion. Premade group finder is a great tool but it’s also killing the need for guilds. These people who are probably about heroic level would be in a guild which would be progressing through mythic but instead they … Just… Aren’t. I got fed up of the apexis daily quest, I got fed up trying to figure out what the hell is going on in ashran, so I settled for making gold,  levelling chars and raiding. From 32,000g to 370,000g and 7/10 mythic BRF I’ve done quite a lot in this expansion but I’ve not touched archaeology,pvp, and have even paid to have two characters boosted to 90, to avoid having to even level. Wow needs change, wow needs to find a way to bring the fun back for the Monday-Friday 4 hours a night keyboard ninja. I want mass interaction, I want garrisons removed, I want a cap on the number of guilds on a server to force people to bunch up, I want flying(I paid for it at one point so don’t take it away from me!) Originally people were asking for a home in game to decorate as they wished, to sit in with guildies and have fun, what we ended up with was a lonely effectively soul draining daily quest which is now being expanded into 6.2 via boat missions… For the love of wow garrisons need to be removed. Replace them with a guild area of similar area. 

I’m telling you this because I love you. Stop being a dick wow. Stop being a dick.

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The changes are coming thick and fast.

We’ve been putting the podcast on hold for a few weeks now, and it will probably continue for a few more.

I’ve been raiding mythic content and have actually pulled my main from the failcapped guild.

I’m now juggling raiding with a mythic progression group as well as keeping the casual guild going .

On the whole it’s been getting tougher and tougher to find time for the meta side of things.

I just wanted to keep everyone updated with what’s being going on with us.

Haaggis – Mythic raiding 5/10 so far.

GrayPhox – Currently a little burnt out from WoD so is playing some other games for now.

Chris – Still playing wow, just not as much recently.

We’re making the switch now from the podcasts to youtube videos and it’ll be a few weeks before we are back in action.

I’m looking into changing the site as well to make it more professional.

I want this site to develop into a community for people (because there’s not enough communities already right? )

Well there are, but it’s not OUR community haha so stick with us !

Once we have some things in place to do youtube videos I’ll be hoping to put them up thick and fast.

There are ideas pouring out but as of now there’s very little being done. This should hopefully change in the next few weeks especially once the mythic progression is finished.

I spent 90 minutes last night toying with weak aurus and It got me thinking that it would probably be really worthwhile to create a full set of youtube videos which purely go into the dark depths of the addons we take for granted on a daily basis.

The downside to this is obviously that i’ll need to learn the addons properly for myself, but i’m more than willing to do it !

I’ve got a few more ideas which i’m not currently willing to share with everyone but once we get set up, the youtube videos should start flooding in 🙂

Thanks for coming back !

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It might be time to “Pivot”

The fite has been going for just over 3 months now… We’ve had quite a lot of fun with doing the podcasts etc but recently we’re starting to feel the burn out effect of the expansion.

It’s at this point in every expansions where one of two things happen. We go casual and stop raiding as much …. or …. we stop playing altogether and cancel the subscription.

Currently, I find myself wanting to stick it out. I’ve been raiding heroic BRF and have managed to get up to 8/10 and really want to get the full clear, but I have already settled with the fact that Mythic raiding is not for me. It’s not that I don’t want to do it. It’s just the fact that I’m working fulltime, while raiding 3 times a week as well as supposedly doing Uni full-time… which recently has turned into not at all…

I need to get my uni stuff back on track so, It’s looking ever more likely that I will have to take a pass on mythic raiding in order to focus on getting my degree.

I have to say that this site, being a guild leader, and having such a big guild with a decent bunch of people is really the main reason why I’ve decided not to un-sub this expansion. Something I didn’t have a problem with during MoP.

I’ve decided that once I get heroic blackhand I’ll be giving mythic raiding a miss, and will then start to focus more on gold farming, achievement farming, mount farming, alt levelling as well as doing youtube videos and guides.

I may even pvp from time to time on my hunter *gulp*.

We are hoping to keep the podcast going for as long as we can as we enjoy doing it. But I’m letting you all know that there will be a point in the future where we might need to pivot away from the podcast to focus on other things.

The one thing that everyone seems to take a keen interest in is gold making, which is why I think I will be focusing on that. My first target is going to be to hit 500,000 gold. So be prepared for plenty more gold making tips to start coming your way.

I’ll also do my best to provide people with in-depth guides to using a whole bunch of different spreadsheets and addons etc.

I’m also going to do my best to re-work a whole bunch of other peoples spreadsheets into a giant mastersheet that everyone will be able to use.

Whether or not this all gets incorporated into some ebook i sell at a later date remains to be seen until I get a much better grasp on gold making in WoD.

We hope you stick with us through the slow times and I’ll hopefully have a new podcast for you guys up tonight !

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Failcapped Guides to everything. (youtube)

We’ve been thinking about what we should do with the failcapped youtube channel and we’ve finally decided.

We are going to do guides to absolutely everything.

Elyas has told me that one of his friends offered to create an intro animation for us too which saves me a lot of effort!

I’ve also decided to start uploading all of the audio podcasts to youtube for people to listen there as well.

Check back soon for more news on our youtube channel, I think i might start off with doing guides on the old raids.

I’ve also decided to start updating a class guide for my priest. I will let you all know what I think about while healing as disc.

I’m nowhere near the best disc healer but I am striving to learn how to become one and I want to share everything I learn with you guys !

Depending on how things go, We may start putting up guides to playing other classes too.

I hope you all have enjoyed listening to our double podcast episode this week !

Blog posts will hopefully be coming more frequently soon as I attempt to push FailCapped.com to what I know it can become !

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1000 hits.

Sup wowers?

This is just a little thank you note to everyone who has been listening to our podcasts.

It’s only been a couple of months at most, and we’ve managed to surpass 1,000 website hits already.

We will hopefully continue to provide quality podcasting content in a quality accent for the rest of the year on our trials and tribulations with regards to world of warcraft.

If you would like to come on our show and voice your support, issues, general wow experience, we could be swayed to get you on here.

Just tweet us @Failcapped or email us at Failcapped at gmail dot com and we can sort something out hopefully.

We are starting raiding heroic highmaul this week so i’m sure that will bring about plenty to talk about this coming weekend which I’ve already decided in advance will be named Episode V – The Heroic strikes back which is in keeping with our star wars episode name theme.

I would also like to take a moment to mention that I’ve been doing a little bit of theorycrafting on how to play disc priests and will potentially be creating a “basic” guide for people starting out playing the class. (It won’t be perfect, but it will be “something”)

Hopefully over this coming year I can build up a full set of my own guides for people to have a quick look at if they are unsure when starting a new spec. (yes i already know maintaining this will become no hoff……. and all Hassle!

I’ve also decided that i’m going to start streaming on twitch a bit more and you can watch us at twitch.tv/failcapped. I’ll always post on twitter before I log on, so keep your eyes peeled there for updates.

I’ve also decided to start recording raids and upload them to youtube, so lots of new things incoming from the guys at FailCapped and we hope you will all come along for the ride !

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Printing Gold in Wow.

I’m going to start working on a page for the website which will be dedicated to making gold in wow.

This all started because I was planning to main my Shaman and then decided to switch to main priest.

Now I only started with 42k and by the time i had managed to level up both chars to 100 and my hunter to 95 I had spent about 20K on my Garrison and blueprints.

I started to panic as gold was getting lower than I would like it to be on my account. This is what drove me to try and find ways of making money in wow.

I may actually do some youtube videos on this as well as I find having videos like fatbossTV for tactics on raid fights can sometimes work even better than reading a guide like Icy-Veins.

Keep checking back from time to time as I’ll update the guide with whatever tips and tricks I come across.

Hopefully by the end of the guides you will be near enough printing gold.

PS. I have made >8,000 gold in the last 3 days trading on the Auction House using a spreadsheet I made from imported wow data.

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Xmas is done.

Well over the Christmas period I got a chance to level the priest and get it raid geared for normals. I must admit I prefer it to the shaman I thought I was going to be maining this expansion.

Hopefully we will have GrayPhox back with us for this weekends recording as I need to get back to doing the podcast.

I’ve spoken to the special guest Elyas from episode two and he should be back with us for the next recording as well.

Plenty to talk about as our guild has recently started raiding and I’m raid leading tonight!

Check in Sunday night for the next podcast! And remember that we are now on stitcher also!

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