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Get Over Here!

Get Over Here!

It has been a couple of weeks since the last edition of Get Over Here so it’s time for an update!

Not only has <FailCapped> now got over 600 members, but we are working towards both a raiding team and RGB team.

We now seem to average between 30 and 60 people online at any one time and I can only say that this is a great improvement on where we were even just a couple of weeks ago.

The raids so far have been somewhat dissapointing due to a lack of proper raid leadership but I’m currently gearwhoring with another guild helping them out with Heroic BRF.

Once things have slowed down on the raiding front with the sister guild <Bloodwind> then I will be able to go back to casual raiding with my own guild unless ofcourse they want me to start raiding mythic content with them… which would ofcourse be hard to turn down.

We have about 20 officers currently in <FailCapped> and I’m currently keeping track of people who joined the guild with alts and then decided to AFK and never play.

We have also had a bit of guild drama which is to be expected with such a large group of people.

There was someone who was an officer for just under a week and then pissed other people off. There’s not much I can do bar kick them from the guild but in all fairness we took a vote as officers and it was unanimous.

I will however kick people who join the guild and are complete pricks from the start haha which has also happened on several occaisions.

I hope to keep you all updated with the progress of our guild and what is happening next week !

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Get Over Here !

Get Over Here!

Get Over Here is the weekly update on our casual/social guild!

I am proud to say that <FailCapped> is now 2 weeks old. Woooow yeah i know not that exciting.

What is exciting is that last night we had 30 members online and /g chat was flowing nicely.

As I write this there are currently 16 people online in the guild and it’s only 2pm. (I wonder why they aren’t at work)

This week the guild managed to hit 225 members which means that we are growing nicely.

I would also like to take the time to mention the guild hierarchy as it stands just now.

Guild Masters : Haaggis & Gray

Officers : Anabiotic, Ashyaell, Bakuryu, Bwuk, Corruption, Crescendo, Drewdina, Forstad, Inviyo, Maikeru, Memlock, Pheolia, Raelthir (Who was in the last episode of the podcast), Seadouglas, Thylee

Thanks to Gray, the officers and myself, we now have a thriving casual community to call our own and it’s just the start of many wonderful things for this guild.

I would also like to thank Maikeru for depositing 10,000 gold in the guild bank as we are now able to allow for a 10g / day guild repair for levelling characters. It’s not much but it’s currently all we can afford.

The guild are planning to run some normal and heroic dungeons as well as pvp events to help all the new people get geared over the next week.

With regards to raiding for the forseeable future we will continue to pug on a wednesday as we don’t have enough well geared people in the guild currently. (Raiding being my personal main focus)

We hope to get more officers into the podcast when we have time and give everyone the opportunity to get involved in the site.

We are hoping to get a couple of the pictures with all our guild members as soon as possible to use as our banner for the site.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks update on <FailCapped> and this feature will continue to run every Tuesday!

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