Fill Yer Boots

Fill Yer Boots

Welcome to the first edition of “Fill Yer Boots” which will hopefully motivate me to keep track of my gold in wow.

I’d like to take you through the process of attempting to make gold this week in wow.

The first thing I did this week was scrap auctionator in favour of TradeSkillMaster(TSM).

The reason I got rid of TSM in the past was because it was causing me to lag but so far so good i’ve had no login lag issues this week.

The next thing I did was spend about 2 hours going through Phat Lewts youtube videos on how to use TSM.

I highly suggest using these to get to grips with the basics of how to use TSM and I may in future create my own video guides on how to use this addon once i’ve had a bit more experience and made some nice gold to back it up.

So I was now at the point where my priest had jewelcrafting groups and my shaman had alchemy groups in tsm … i had made some flasks etc on my alt and listed them on auction. *Here’s where I went wrong*

  • I left myself with no flasks for raids because i didn’t setup my auctioning properly.
  • I had not researched in any way what price I should be selling the flasks at I just used the suggestion from phat lewts in his guide.
  • I had not spent any time looking at which flasks in particular would be worth selling price wise.
  • I had not checked wowuction to see which sell in the highest amount.

The way I found out I had left myself with no flasks for personal use was when I jumped into a heroic highmaul raid last night with nothing in my bags … yay I’m a pro!

I assume I just got lucky on my pricing because all of my flasks sold which means I either got lucky, got the pricing right, or had them listed too cheaply to maximize margin.

The problem with not spending any time look at which flasks sell means that I probably could have made more money on something else but didn’t.

The same is true of not checking which flasks sell in the highest volume but this is more of an issue with the transmog gear I bought which i’ll talk about later.

So … 12 hours later.. all my flasks sold and i’m a happy bunny right ? Wrong. Although all my flasks did actually sell, what I decided to do after listing all the flasks on the AH was probably a noob mistake but It was one that I was prepared to make in the effort of making gold.

I bough transmog gear…. and lots of it. I tried to keep it reasonably cheap and spread my eggs into lots of baskets and in the end I ended up with about 60ish listings for about 25k gold which cost me about 4k to buy.

And then it happened! I seen a purple ring of high ilvl going cheap in the sniper part of TSM and I thought nows my chance to make some money ! It was listed in TSM as being worth 17k on my server and someone had just listed it at 7k A STEAL!

I snatched it up and re listed it… 12 hours later, 3 undercuts and 3 re listings it still hasn’t sold. The price has now dropped to about 14k on the server. I don’t want to reduce the price anymore so I have now re listed this item in total about 5 times in order to keep undercutting the undercutter. If I took roleplay a bit more seriously on this server then it would probably have just ended up as a duel outside stormwind with the other seller to decide who gets to keep selling in trade chat because there certainly wasn’t enough room for the two of us!

And now I have a ring I can’t use, don’t want and in general just annoying me.

Then I took a list through all of my transmog listings…. 4 out of 60 sold…. total profit generated … about 200g.

I was starting to lose my mind and decided to just keep re listing and undercutting everyone in the AH by 1copper when they expire.

It’s been a very tricky few days trying to make my way into the AH trade and learn how to make gold but I think I’m going to revist it all from scratch this time and pick one profession which sells pretty well on my server and start by crafting and listing. The only other thing i’ll do is flip ore from cheap to expensive when the AH traffic peaks.

Current Gold Standings as of this week.

  • Starting Gold = 42K
  • Amount Spent = 11K
  • Current Gold = 39K
  • Return on Investment = 8K
  • Weekly Investment Profit = -3K
  • Total Profit  = -3K
  • No. of Investment Items on Hand = 50
  • Estimate Value of Items on Hand = 20k-30k
  • Potential Total Gold = 59K
  • Potential Profit = 17K

I have decided to wait until I get back to my Starting Gold before going on another AH spree.

I will generate money through leveling my Warlock and garrison missions.

Things I’ll be keeping in mind for this week.

  • Research AH for JC pricing/sell amounts
  • Research AH for Alchemy pricing/sell amounts
  • Keep learning new crafting recipes.
  • Look into ore prices throughout the day and find a good buy/sell price.
  • Sell the epic ring and my taladite amplifier!
  • Cap investment to 10% of current gold until better profits are made.

It’s only the first week so give me a break but so far my hoofs are empty haha.

Hopefully I’ll have more luck next week !

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Addonomnom ( A Comprehensive Starter Guide To Addons in WoD )


I personally find that addons are exceptional in wow.

I couldn’t live without them and it’s because I use them that I’m able to do so well as both a healer and a dps.

What a lot of people don’t seem to do is keep up to date with the different addons inside WOW so on this section of the blog I intend to keep everyone up to date with different things.

On the first episode I would like to give everyone a brief guide to what I consider to be the core addons that help me be as efficient as possible in Warlords of Draenor. (Now as I don’t pvp very often there will be no specific addons in regards to that in this post, i’m sorry).


The very first thing to do before downloading any addon is to make sure you download the desktop curse software. This keeps track of all your addons, tells you which ones need to be updated to newer version as well as allowing you do queue downloading up to 2 at a time. (More if you pay for it but you shouldn’t need to)

Your UI !

After you have downloaded this software you can start thinking about how you want your UI to look. Now there are lots of different ways to go about this but the one that works best for me across all of my characters is ElvUI. This addon has it’s own website and is not actually downloaded through the curse desktop app.

The nice thing to do whilst setting it up (there are automated setup steps when you first open it in game) is to set your elvUI to base things on your class colour. A nice touch!

Meters !

The next thing is to find out how much damage or healing you do. This is done via a damage meter. Recount used to be everyone’s favourite back in the but I would like to suggest using Skada. The reason I use skada is nothing to do with data accuracy however in the past i have found skada to be more accurate than recount. (Everyone’s opinions seem skewed to one side on this and it’s most likely whichever one is showing the highest dps or hps at any given time) The reason for using skada is MULTIPLE WINDOWS! Not only can you have a window to show your healing, you can have other windows open simultaneously showing the dps as well as lots of other ways of look at fight data. This is what I want as more often than not i’m leading raids, or checking up on my guild members damage.

Raiding !

If you plan to raid you need  Deadly boss mobs aka DBM. Its essential unless you are able to do about 5 things at once while still topping the DPS meters. It keeps track of boss mechanic cooldowns, it tells you who has something bad on them to allow you to keep them topped up early as well as probably 20 other reasons. Download it, get used to it, read it during fights, and you will die less, dps more, stay out the fire more, and generally find yourself becoming more aware in raids. You can always tell the people who have the addon in comparison to those that don’t.

Another addon I have found myself using more and more is OILVL. Now lots of people ask me how i manage to post everyone’s ilvls in the middle of a pugged raid. This is how i do it. The addon is great for 3 reasons.

  1. It tells you everyone’s ilvl as well as the average ilvl of tanks/heals/dps and the raid as a whole.
  2. It tells you what enchants every character is missing, so that you can easily catch people out that are slacking!
  3. If you hover over a player it pulls up their WoD raiding history so you never need to worry about “Curve” achievement lies every again. (I personally don’t condone using curve but i know that lots of people do when pugging

I find this to be a very good addon and you can actually extract the data and paste it into a txt document so no more upkeep of guild gear spreadsheets !

The third raiding adddon I find useful is for raid leaders and this is called RaidBuffStats. This addon is great for loads of reasons again. It tells you who hasn’t flasked up, it tells you who is missing a buff and who can provide the buff. It tells you who hasn’t ate the feast you kindly just put before them. It tells you who isn’t at the summoning stone and where they actually are. As wells as being used to provide pull timers for the raid which allow people to proper pre-pot.

The fourth addon is Decursive. I’m not sure how many people still use this but I’ve used it for long and weary and would probably still be lost without it. It enables left and right clicking on a separate set of raid boxes to dispell all the bad things and most of the time… dispelling something is a good thing in PVE.

The fifth addon in the raiding section is WeakAuras2. This addon is fully customizable and will show you when something procs. I love using this on all my characters as shiny beams of light appear around my characters to tell me it’s time to cast something I would normally have forgotten about!

The final raiding addon I used in the passed but removed it as i’m trying to train myself is GTFO. Yes this addon is literally called Get The Fuck Out. It could be fire, it could be pools of poison but when this foghorn warning goes off it’s safe to assume you are about 3 seconds from death. This is especially useful if you are a bit like me and have so much going on when raiding you lose track of where you are standing. Are the dps shit ? Am I topping the healing meters? What is the boss about to cast? Is everyone else following the stacking tactics? Are the tanks taking too much damage? How is my mana ? and then you slowly realize that you’ve been standing in the shit the whole time making you look like a noob.

Garrison !

Garrisons are a big deal in this expansion. Everyone’s talking about them. There are 2 main reasons for me why I actively try to progress my garrison and followers.

1. Gear – When you have killed 15 bosses in heroic highmaul and geared up 2 followers to max ilvl (after they hit epic 100) a new set of follower missions are unlocked which give you a chance to get MYTHIC gear. Gear without actually doing mythic content you say ? Yes. If you are as much of a loot whore as I am and like all things new and shiny then you will love the end game that is follower missions!

2. Money – You can make money from follower missions, you can make money from quests, you can make money from invasions, you can make money from a farm for salvage bloods, you can even just farm your garrison for raw materials including fish. Your garrison is what I would like to call a beer money machine. It won’t make you rich but it will supply you with a couple of hundred gold every day just for basically logging in.

Now what about the addons I hear you say ? Well I recommend Master Plan as the go to addon for all things follower based. It allows you to auto select the best followers for missions as well as making the UI look a whole lot nicer. It also allows you to rank the quests you have available by different ways such as highest XP given or success chance. If you are new to this addon and are still levelling up your followers XP is the way to go. But if you already have full purples then make sure you are ranking them by quest level to make sure you seen the important quests first!

The other thing about garrisons is they take raw materials and turn them into crafting materials for you. There is a really nice addon to speed this up though call BulkOrder which allows you to auto Q up all the mats with just one easy click.

Questing !

There are a couple of importance here but I won’t go into them in great detail as they are pretty self explanitory.

  1. Handynotes – Can be used to show the WoD treasure locations across all areas of Draenor. (Use it to find nice items while levelling or garrison resources if you are lacking)
  2. Autoturnin – This addon allows you to speed up the process of taking and receiving quests from NPCs. You would be surprised how long you actually find yourself reading or even triple reading quests sometimes just for a bit of lore… Well this is your 4th alt. If you haven’t learned the lore by now it’s time to give up and just increase your questing speed by using this addon !
  3. NPC Scan Overlay – This addon is somewhat similar to handynotes as it shows you the locations and routes that all rare elite mobs in dreanor take. So the next time you are looking for something nice to kill in nagrand you can easily find it with this addon.

Making gold !

The best thing now for browsing the auction house is TradeSkillMaster TSM. It is as in depth as you could ever want it to be and there’s a really good set of guides on how to use it on youtube from PhatlewtsGold that takes a couple of hours to get into but will really help get you started. The thing to keep in mind is start small !

TSM also has a bunch of other addons that can be plugged into it such as TSM mail which allows extra functionality with the mailbox in wow. Trust me if you are using TSM… you will want most of these addition addons.

The other benefit of using TSM is that you can actually scan the auctionhouse outwith the game and set it to scan the second you pc loads up so you never have to scan the AH ever again !

TSM also helps with a bunch of crafting activities which also increase your ability to make gold.

Chatting !

There are 2 very good reasons for installing a Chat addon in wow. The addon is called Prat and the reasons are very simple.

  1. It allows you to see what class a player is when they are talking so you are never caught out again.
  2. It allows you to click URLs in the chat in order to copy and paste them into a browser.

It is also worth mentioning at this point about how i personally have my Prat / ElvUI set up as ElvUI breaks your chat into two separate distinct sections on the screen. The bottom right for /2 Trade chat / Loot and the bottom left for /1 and /s/y/p/i/r/ everything else. Now the way I have it set up is like this.

On the left I have 3 chat tabs to choose between :-

  • General (unfiltered so is constantly scrolling)
  • Whispers (Whispers only)
  • Guild (guild/party/raid/achievements)

Keeping things separate allows me to ignore the gernal stuff when I’m having a convo with guildies or in a raid and having whispers out of the way is good for a guild recruitment addon I used which spam whispers lots of people at one time.

On the right I have 1 tab and 1 tab only which is:-

  • trade/loot.

This is a really nice channel because it shows you who got what in a raid, as well as who is selling what in trade but it’s not spamming up through all of your main chats on the left window.

Transmog !

Transmog is a big deal this expansion and everyone’s doing it. Do you want to know what an item would look like on your character that someone has linked in the chat but can’t be bothered to click it ? You need the MogIt addon. This will show you any item on a generic player with nothing else on so that it stands out. Great little addon for quickly checking if a piece of gear would look nice on a character!

Ask Mr Robot !

I’ve decided to give this addon it’s own special place in the guide as I love it (I’m a data whore as well as a loot whore). This addon allows you to paste a code into the Ask Mr Robot site to import your latest gear without having to close WoW down and then use the site to decide which Gems and Enchants you should have on your character.

This addon can be set turn combat logging on automatically when you enter a raid. No more syncing WOWLogs!

These logs can be used in the same old way they always have been but also and most importantly, they can be used with Ask Mr Robots new info-graphics tab which I can only describe as being outstanding and very easy to read. The only complaint I have with it so far is that as a healer pre-potting isn’t always the best option for every fight but according to AMR it makes it look like i’m failing in that info-graphic if i don’t do it. In all honesty though i’m still learning to pot in fights because i’ve never really done it before. I’m bad for not using lock healthstones and pots as the correct times.

I will add more addons to this guide at a later date but this is more than enough to get you all started.

I know there are several really nice addons that I have currently missed from this guide but things like tracking rare pets isn’t really classified as a core addon in the way I play wow.

Welcome to the world of wow addons! It’s time to upgrade your PC.

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Ask The Listeners

On the last podcast we asked you, what is the most stupid death you can ever remember having?

Let us know and the top 3 answers will be discussed in next weeks podcast.

I remember a lot of times where as a new warlock i used health funnel to heal my demon and killed myself!

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Get Over Here !

Get Over Here!

Get Over Here is the weekly update on our casual/social guild!

I am proud to say that <FailCapped> is now 2 weeks old. Woooow yeah i know not that exciting.

What is exciting is that last night we had 30 members online and /g chat was flowing nicely.

As I write this there are currently 16 people online in the guild and it’s only 2pm. (I wonder why they aren’t at work)

This week the guild managed to hit 225 members which means that we are growing nicely.

I would also like to take the time to mention the guild hierarchy as it stands just now.

Guild Masters : Haaggis & Gray

Officers : Anabiotic, Ashyaell, Bakuryu, Bwuk, Corruption, Crescendo, Drewdina, Forstad, Inviyo, Maikeru, Memlock, Pheolia, Raelthir (Who was in the last episode of the podcast), Seadouglas, Thylee

Thanks to Gray, the officers and myself, we now have a thriving casual community to call our own and it’s just the start of many wonderful things for this guild.

I would also like to thank Maikeru for depositing 10,000 gold in the guild bank as we are now able to allow for a 10g / day guild repair for levelling characters. It’s not much but it’s currently all we can afford.

The guild are planning to run some normal and heroic dungeons as well as pvp events to help all the new people get geared over the next week.

With regards to raiding for the forseeable future we will continue to pug on a wednesday as we don’t have enough well geared people in the guild currently. (Raiding being my personal main focus)

We hope to get more officers into the podcast when we have time and give everyone the opportunity to get involved in the site.

We are hoping to get a couple of the pictures with all our guild members as soon as possible to use as our banner for the site.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks update on <FailCapped> and this feature will continue to run every Tuesday!

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Bug Life.

Bug Life

This is the first in a series of weekly blogs based around the bugs people have found in game.

Bug Life will come out every Tuesday and will contain the follow.

Updates on the blogs in the wow forums.

Anything we have personally noticed in game (but we never notice stuff!)

Pictures of bugs that people have come across.

Videos of bugs found in game.

This week I’d like to focus on a strange bug which was found by Mr Serpentes.

As you can see in the video below, the char is porting on the screen in the arena.

Could this be lag or is this a bug? Looks pretty buggy to me.

Another bug we’d like to point out this week comes from Andre Filipe.

As you cans ee in the video below, his garrison is full of other players.

And he’s not in a party or raid… Party time!

It’s just a shame this is a bug and not a real thing! Aliance/Horde garrisons would be soo much better!

I’m not sure how we would explain the 1000’s of duplicated followers but something spacey would do!

Have you come across any bugs in wow ? We want to know about it!  FailCapped at gmail dot com.

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Content Creators wanted !

Failcapped are looking for volunteers to start contributing to our blog.

Do you have a vast experience of a particular class in wow ?

Do you live to hear about class changes and patch notes?

Do you want to actively discuss wow on a day to day basis ?

Do you think you could provide us with well written articles about your gameplay experience ?

Do others love your humour?

We need all of this and more if we are going to achieve what we set out to do.

It does not need to be class specific, you could be in love with RPing, PVPing, making gold, finding funny things in game, collecting mounts, collecting pets, fishing all hours of the day and theorycrafting.

We will allow you to write about the things that make you happiest in wow, and you will have full control about what goes into your section of the blog! After i’ve proof read it 🙂

We want to give you a place you have your views and opinions heard.

If you make wow videos become part of our extended family ! Do you want to be on the podcast let us know.

Failcapped wants you !  Email us at Failcapped at gmail dot com or pm me at @FailCapped for more info.

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Failcapped Guides to everything. (youtube)

We’ve been thinking about what we should do with the failcapped youtube channel and we’ve finally decided.

We are going to do guides to absolutely everything.

Elyas has told me that one of his friends offered to create an intro animation for us too which saves me a lot of effort!

I’ve also decided to start uploading all of the audio podcasts to youtube for people to listen there as well.

Check back soon for more news on our youtube channel, I think i might start off with doing guides on the old raids.

I’ve also decided to start updating a class guide for my priest. I will let you all know what I think about while healing as disc.

I’m nowhere near the best disc healer but I am striving to learn how to become one and I want to share everything I learn with you guys !

Depending on how things go, We may start putting up guides to playing other classes too.

I hope you all have enjoyed listening to our double podcast episode this week !

Blog posts will hopefully be coming more frequently soon as I attempt to push to what I know it can become !

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FailCapped Podcast : Episode VI – Return of the Casuals (Special Guest Rael)

Click below to listen to episode VI of our podcast where we talk to one of FailCapped’s new officers Rael.

Or Download it by right clicking Here!

This weeks episode we discuss..

Who Rael is and how he ended up in the guild.
An update on the Failcapped Guild recruitment.
What Elyas/Rael and I got up to last week (Scott was AFK this week)
Elyas has a rant about what’s pissing him off this week.
A new mount.
A new raid.
A new pug.
Our top 5 most stupid deaths.
Rael also picks this weeks outro song.

And as always a few other things.

Host: Haaggis/Alli
Co-Host: Elyas/Chris
Guest Speaker : Rael

Twitter: @Failcapped
Twitter: @ScotlandChris7
Twitter: @GAbarnes134

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FailCapped Podcast : Episode V – FailCapped Strikes Back

Click below to listen to episode V of our podcast where we talk about the recent guild Drama going down in Shadow Pact as well as the drama going down in NEO Conquest. It’s dramatacular!

Or Download it by right clicking Here!

This weeks episode we discuss..


And a few other things.

Host: Haaggis/Alli
Co-Host: GrayPhox/Scott, Elyas/Chris

Twitter: @Failcapped
Twitter: @ScotlandChris7

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The Loot Dispute.

Sup Wowers?

As many of you know, I’ve been raiding normal content with a guild of IRL friends.

We only have 5 or 6 core members and have had to recruit the rest. (Well the calibre of said recruited players left plenty to be desired!)

It was always going to happen and last night it finally did. The GM decided not to give loot to the highest roller based on the fact that his/her DPS was crap. Instead choosing to give it to the newest undergeared most promising player.

I decided after the raid to call the GM out on this and he replied by kicking me from the guild. Please remember at this point that we are both IRL friends and so i know he was just abusing his power for the sake of it and would instantly re-invite me to the guild.

I decided that I would not be re-joining the guild. Instead opting to create my own mass social guild. I managed to get 4 people to sign the guild charter last night after about an hour of searching, begging and pleading as well as having 2 others sign and then join other guilds, delaying the guilds creation.

I installed the brilliant but annoying for everyone else guild spammer addon and managed to recruit 10 new people to the guild. We now had more people online than my previous guild, RESULT!

I decided to be nice to everyone since it was the first day of the guild and made them all officers to what should quickly become one of the largest social guilds on our server.

I also convinced Gray to take his two main characters out of the old guild and come join me and we will pug raids if we have to in order to progress until the guild is large enough to start it’s own raiding group.

I’ve invited all 11 characters to the guild and have spent a few thousand gold on guild bank tabs so there is no turning back now !

We will discuss this in the next podcast which should hopefully be recorded tonight.

Are you casual or social ? Do you play on Defias Brotherhood/ Scarshield Legion / Sporeggar / The venture Co on EU servers ?

Come and join us ! @ <FailCapped> the guild!

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