Guild Rules.

This page is specifically for guild members of <FailCapped> in order to make everyone aware of how we are doing things.

1. Be friendly, helpful and social within /g chat. Ask the dumb questions, and get the answers you need we are here to help.

2. We will not tolerate Sexism/Racism/Homophobia etc in the guild. You are entitled to be whatever and whoever you want just please keep this kind of ingorance out of guild chat. (I’m not saying the occaisional joke won’t be posted but we do our best to keep the guild drama free and open minded)

3. If you have any problem with another member within the guild speak to one of the officers. Do not whisper either of the GM’s directly. The officers will bring it to our attention if they deem it necessary.

4. Use your guild repair allowance! We allow members to repair up to 10g per day which saves you money. If there is no money in the guild bank we apologize but actively try to keep it topped up as best we can!

5. Events will be set up by officers/GMs if you have an idea for a guild event please bring it to our attention and we will create something in the calander for you. We actively encourage you to do this but please do not make them for Thursday and Sunday nights which are reserved for our raiding days.

6. Raid Loot Rules. We currently do not have a full raiding team so will have to pug people in order to raid. Here is how the loot system in <FailCapped> will work.

  • If the item is BoP(Bind on pickup) the item will be rolled as MS (main spec) OS (Off spec) and then raidrolled.
  • If a Guild member wins the raidroll the loot will be disenchanted and put in the guild bank for future use.
  • If the item is BoE(Bind on Equip) the item will be raidrolled BUT!!! If someone in the guild wins the raid roll it will be given to one of the GM’s or Officers to sell on the AH for Guild Bankroll.
  • If you want the BoE for your character then let the person with the loot know and you will be able to purchase it for 50% of the AH price after current prices have been checked.
  • If there is more than 1 person that wants to purchase the BoE then the GM/Officer with the loot will allocate numbers and roll for them in order to allocate it.

Why are we doing it this way? The reason is because the guild needs to make money to allow people to repair and also we will be taking pugs along with us who also deserve a fair chance at the BOE items. The reason for taking the raidrolled BoP items is to build up a bunch of enchanting gear in the guild bank to allow raiders to enchant new items as they get them.

7. Enchanting via the Guild Bank. A guild member is allowed to have 1 item per week enchanted (Weapon Enchants excluded) if and only if the guild bank has the materials to supply this. It will be on a first come first served basis and may have to be rolled to decide who wins the enchant if the guild bank is struggling.

8. Don’t burn yourself out. We are a casual guild, we don’t expect you to attend anything but we will however ask you to attend everything. We just want you all to have fun and feel included. It is your own responsibility to stop yourself from burning out and getting fed up with playing wow. The last thing we want is to lose you because you spent 3 days straight fishing for a mount, or ran heroics for a week just to put 5,000gold into the gold bank to help us out!

9. Give to the guild. Use your proffessions to help other guild members. Do it for free with their materials. Always try to help another guild member with items, runs, loot, quests, elites…. everything. If a guildie tips you for your help then accept the tip because maybe one day they will return the favour and you will be able to tip them back.

10. Give to the guild bank. Anything you dont want, need, stick it in the guild bank. I will provide 2 tabs in the guild bank for people to dump items. These will be sold, kept and auctioned depending on what they are. Feel free to always save us the hassle though. Sell something and give the profit you make to the guild bank. We don’t demand you do it but it’s yet another way of helping everyone out. Especially new players who can’t afford to repair their gear.

These rules are subject to change and the guild will be notified if anything has changed. The last change took place on the 10th of February 2015.


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