Gold Making Spreadsheets

This page will be used to host all of the different spreadsheets I come up with for making gold I hope to eventually turn all of these spreadsheets into 1 master gold making spreadsheet.

The way all of my spreadsheets will work is there will be a cover page with the important info on the first tab, there will be a second tab which will keep all of the maths away for those who have no interest and the third tab will be used purely for a wowuction CSV realm dump file.

This means that for you to update the sheet all you will have to do is go to select your server and extract the csv file and paste it into the 3rd tab on the spreadsheet.

1. Garrison Trader Transmute Spreadsheet (v1.1 updated 2015.03.11)

What this can tell you:-

  • Is it cheaper to craft the 4 x Alchemical Catalyst or just buy them from the Auction House.(And how much cheaper it is)
  • If you were to craft the Alchemical Catalyst instead of buying it from the AH, how much can you afford to spend per each herb to make it. (it takes 2 of each herb as you will see from the maths tab)
  • What raw material is the cheapest to use to buy primals… IE which trader day should I be saving up for?
  • Which Sorcerous is the cheapest to transmute from on the AH… IE which one should I be buying to transmute.
  • Which Sorcerous is the best to sell… IE.. what am I transmuting to?
  • The profit you could make from Auctioning the 10 Sorcerous if you crafted it and sold it right now.
  • Which raw material is the best to sell on the Auction house right now ? IE… which raw material should I be trading my garrison resources for at a trading post to sell if not using them to buy primal spirits.
  • It can now also tell you how much profit you would make from buying 250 raw materials from the AH for lowest buyout price and turn them in for 50 primals to buy savage bloods.
  • I also added the garrison trader rotation.

One thought on “Gold Making Spreadsheets

  1. Thank you very much for making this and saving me time to do the daily math.


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