Garrison Gold Guide.

I am writing this guide to help everyone generate more gold in WoW with the least amount of effort and time spent as possible.

This will explain how I currently have my garrison set up in WoD 6.1 for all of my characters and how i’m making gold.


You will need a trading post, an Inn, a Dwarven Bunker, a Barracks, an Enchanting small building, and a salvage yard, plus one main profession.

Trading Post :- This allows you to spend extra garrison resources on mats which can be used to craft things and make gold or traded for primal spirits from the herb trader.

Dwarven Bunker :- This allows you to gain follower enhancements from making iron scraps from transmog which will help level up your followers faster as well as giving the 1 free seal of tempered fate per week if you raid!

Barracks :- It gives you the ability to hold an extra 5 followers…. enough said.

Enchanting:- Enchanting is currently one of the best professions for generating a lot of money so make sure you have this building on every character. And make sure it is always ticking away with dust making you lots of crystals.

Salvage yard :- This will give you large salvage boxes with transmog  gear which currently make me about 500 – 2,000gold per day listing about 500 auctions per day in AH across 4 characters.

One main Profession :- The idea here is to be able to make anything and everything you require across all of your characters so that if the market changes you are not left in the dark. Some people would say blacksmithing on every character but I personally prefer to spread my eggs into every basket.

Followers and the Inn

Now that you have your buildings set up like me the next thing you need to do is start utilizing the Inn.  The first thing you need is 25 followers to do missions as often as possible to generate you salvage boxes. After you have 25 followers the next most important thing is to get garrison resources and money coming in steadily from missions. I would recommend a 50/50 split at this time. The inn provides you with the ability to hire 1 new follower per week and you can take who you like so… I would suggest having 11 followers with scavenger so that they 100% increase garrison resource missions and 12 followers with treasurehunter for the 100% increase in gold missions. The reason I’ve left you two followers short is that you will need to have Ahm as a follower in your enchanting building and you will also want a follower in your profession building.

The Inn also gives mission you can do for gold but I personally don’t ever spend the time doing these.
Levelling up Followers.

Levelling up followers is not as easy as it used to be if they are not already at 645 Ilevel. Basically a Follower goes from 90-100 as green/blue/epic (once it gets to 100 it will keep levelling until it hits epic) Once they are 100 they can be upgraded via tokens and currently they go up to 675 Ilvl. It is worthwhile making sure you have a nice spread of abilities across your followers and can cover missions to 100%. This will happen pretty much automatically unless you are rather unlucky but still worth checking. Salvage boxes give you the upgrades for your followers as well as the aforementioned dwarven bunker upgrades. You want to focus on getting them all as high Ilvl as possible as soon as you can. You can stop upgrading them once they reach 660 ilvl though as you gain no benefit currently of going above that and it frees up the upgrades for other followers. (Correction Looking into 675 follower missions which may be worthwhile)


You will get special missions every once in a while which might offer say 400 garrison resources or 500 gold. Now that you have a good spread of followers with both abilities these missions will triple to 1600 garrison resources and 2,000gold. If you do this across 11 characters…every second week, you are generating 22,000 gold just for logging in on each one. But this isn’t taking into account every other gold missions which i would guess is usually about 100 gold per day x follower abilities = 400g per day x 11 chars = 4,400gold per day. And then we are forgetting about all the garrison resources lets say … 100 garrison resources x follower abilities = 400 garrison resources plus the 100ish garrison resources that automatically generates everyday = 500 garrison resources and remember that this is spread across your 11 characters = 5,500 garrison resources.

So in one month doing it this way you could make 4,400 gold across all chars for 30 days. Plus the one off rare mission of 22,000gold across all chars. Plus 500 garrison resources per day which can be used in the trade post to buy mats which can be crafted or sold on the AH. For ease we will assume that they have been sold on the AH.  Plus the rare garrison mission of 1600 garrison resources x 11 chars which makes it 17,600 garrison resources. To make this data easier to view i’ll put a table below.

Garrison Missions
Number of Characters 11
Per Char
Gold Garrison Resources
Daily Missions 400 500
Rare Missions(2 weeks) 2000 1600
Weekly From Daily Misisons 2800 3500
Weekly From Daily Misisons 1000 800
Weekly across all chars 41800 47300

What to do with garrison resources

Now we know that you can trade these garrison resources in the trading post for about 5 garrison resources each item. We currently have 47,300 resources across all characters after a month and we pick something that sells in high volumes such as frostweed(Choose whatever sells for the most and in high volumes on your specific server using wowuction!). We spend say 30,000 resources on frostweed because we’ve used some for garrison mission and basically because I want to look at the minimum you can make rather than the maximum you can make doing this to be safe. So we trade 30,000 garrison resources for frostweed @ 5 GR / 1 frostweed. We end up with 6,000 frostweed and they currently at the time of writing this sell for 4gold each on my server. GREAT! Now we don’t do this in one go like my article describes… we would do this every few days and spread the AH listings so that they sell. But we now have another 24,000gold to make selling our frostweed. And our weekly total is 65,800 gold.

Before you get your hopes up though by this point we have … 11 characters… that have 25 followers… all of the buildings… and then a further 23 followers recruited through the inn at 1 follower per week. Realistically this will take you 6 months to do without re-rolling follower traits etc for money.

Instead of thinking wow… this isn’t short term at all.  I’d like to point out how it looks with just 3 characters. Instead of 30,000 GR you only have 10,000 and so you only make 8,000 per week.

Sounds much more doable ! See the table below.

Garrison Missions
Number of Characters 3
Per Char
Gold Garrison Resources
Daily Missions 400 500
Rare Missions(2 weeks) 2000 1600
Weekly From Daily Misisons 2800 3500
Weekly From Daily Misisons 1000 800
Weekly across all chars 11400 12900
Trade 10,000 GR for Frostweed 0
Frostweed worth 4g each.
Weekly + Frostweed Sales 19400
Monthly Total Profit 77600

77,000 gold per month is nothing to be sniffed at for logging in to 3 characters for half an hour per day at most….

Things We have overlooked.

There are a few things we have overlooked while doing this guide and focusing specifically on the garrison missions.

Crafting via professions :- Every day you will be building up those profession cooldowns and you may be able to sell something worth 10-20k once per week from this.  Doing this across three characters means an extra 30k minimum in your pocket per week. So that 77K in a month just turned into 197K. Especially now that you can have cooldown reduction with the garrison vendors.

Enchanting :- Remember all those salvage boxes … and heroic dungeons and everything else you’ve been getting while playing the game across the month. We’ll you’ve disenchanting all of that WoD gear and you have a huge bunch of temporal crystals worth about 150gold each. Not much… except you have 500 of them. So there’s another 75,000gold across the month. You are now up at 272,000gold. And even more if you have enchanting and managed to craft those crystals into something even more profitable.

Salvage Transmog:-

You got a bunch of transmog gear from the salvage boxes that you vendored. I get about 500-2000gold per day but lets say you are extremely unlucky and only make 250g per day. There’s another 7,500gold and you are now at 279,500gold. (This is more likely to be 60,000 than 7,500 if you are on a high pop RP server like me)

So in summary you have the potential to make about 332,000gold in the next month if the market stays similar to where it’s at just now. With very little time spent depending on how close your garrison setup is compared to mines across your characters. I wish you the best of luck.


3 thoughts on “Garrison Gold Guide.

  1. You mention in the bunker section that you can make iron scraps from transmog. What do you mean by this? I didn’t realize you could make iron scraps


  2. You mentioned in your Bunker section you are “making iron scraps from transmog”

    I didnt know that you could create iron scrap what is it you are doing?


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