The changes are coming thick and fast.

We’ve been putting the podcast on hold for a few weeks now, and it will probably continue for a few more.

I’ve been raiding mythic content and have actually pulled my main from the failcapped guild.

I’m now juggling raiding with a mythic progression group as well as keeping the casual guild going .

On the whole it’s been getting tougher and tougher to find time for the meta side of things.

I just wanted to keep everyone updated with what’s being going on with us.

Haaggis – Mythic raiding 5/10 so far.

GrayPhox – Currently a little burnt out from WoD so is playing some other games for now.

Chris – Still playing wow, just not as much recently.

We’re making the switch now from the podcasts to youtube videos and it’ll be a few weeks before we are back in action.

I’m looking into changing the site as well to make it more professional.

I want this site to develop into a community for people (because there’s not enough communities already right? )

Well there are, but it’s not OUR community haha so stick with us !

Once we have some things in place to do youtube videos I’ll be hoping to put them up thick and fast.

There are ideas pouring out but as of now there’s very little being done. This should hopefully change in the next few weeks especially once the mythic progression is finished.

I spent 90 minutes last night toying with weak aurus and It got me thinking that it would probably be really worthwhile to create a full set of youtube videos which purely go into the dark depths of the addons we take for granted on a daily basis.

The downside to this is obviously that i’ll need to learn the addons properly for myself, but i’m more than willing to do it !

I’ve got a few more ideas which i’m not currently willing to share with everyone but once we get set up, the youtube videos should start flooding in 🙂

Thanks for coming back !

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