It might be time to “Pivot”

The fite has been going for just over 3 months now… We’ve had quite a lot of fun with doing the podcasts etc but recently we’re starting to feel the burn out effect of the expansion.

It’s at this point in every expansions where one of two things happen. We go casual and stop raiding as much …. or …. we stop playing altogether and cancel the subscription.

Currently, I find myself wanting to stick it out. I’ve been raiding heroic BRF and have managed to get up to 8/10 and really want to get the full clear, but I have already settled with the fact that Mythic raiding is not for me. It’s not that I don’t want to do it. It’s just the fact that I’m working fulltime, while raiding 3 times a week as well as supposedly doing Uni full-time… which recently has turned into not at all…

I need to get my uni stuff back on track so, It’s looking ever more likely that I will have to take a pass on mythic raiding in order to focus on getting my degree.

I have to say that this site, being a guild leader, and having such a big guild with a decent bunch of people is really the main reason why I’ve decided not to un-sub this expansion. Something I didn’t have a problem with during MoP.

I’ve decided that once I get heroic blackhand I’ll be giving mythic raiding a miss, and will then start to focus more on gold farming, achievement farming, mount farming, alt levelling as well as doing youtube videos and guides.

I may even pvp from time to time on my hunter *gulp*.

We are hoping to keep the podcast going for as long as we can as we enjoy doing it. But I’m letting you all know that there will be a point in the future where we might need to pivot away from the podcast to focus on other things.

The one thing that everyone seems to take a keen interest in is gold making, which is why I think I will be focusing on that. My first target is going to be to hit 500,000 gold. So be prepared for plenty more gold making tips to start coming your way.

I’ll also do my best to provide people with in-depth guides to using a whole bunch of different spreadsheets and addons etc.

I’m also going to do my best to re-work a whole bunch of other peoples spreadsheets into a giant mastersheet that everyone will be able to use.

Whether or not this all gets incorporated into some ebook i sell at a later date remains to be seen until I get a much better grasp on gold making in WoD.

We hope you stick with us through the slow times and I’ll hopefully have a new podcast for you guys up tonight !

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