FailCapped Podcast : Episode 8 – 50 Shades Of GrayPhox

Click below to listen to episode 8 of our podcast where we talk about all things 6.1 as well as catching up with Elyas about the goings on in his guild!

Or Download it by right clicking Here!

This weeks episode we discuss..

The Family
The first guild raid
Gray and I raiding with
Elyas has a bitchfit about something 😛
We all have a bitchfit who are we kidding it’s why we do this
Some news from patch 6.1
This weeks wow addon
The top 5 section is replaced with our favourites section.
The bullshit section is replaced with an entirely unfair Lore Quiz section (Sorry Gray) LOL.
Elyas named the episode as well as choosing the outro.

And as always, a few other things.

Host: Haaggis/Alli
Co-Host: GrayPhox/Scott, Elyas/Chris

Twitter: @Failcapped
Twitter: @ScotlandChris7

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