Geif Loot!

With each blog about loot we want to allow you to keep up to date with the types of things you should be after.

For this blog I would like to make two changes to patch 6.1 clear to players that are planning to raid and PVP.

If you are new to PVP then you may or may not be aware that the way gear works is Conquest Gear > Honor gear.


Up until the patch the best way of getting conquest points which are the best tier of pvp was by doing Ashran. Now that patch 6.1 has dropped though this has changed. Yes ashran is still worth doing if your faction is currently winning but you can now earn conquest points from winning battlegrounds. You will receive 150 conquest points for your first BG win of the day as well as 75 conquest points for each win thereafter. This means that if you were to spend 4 hours spamming bgs you could potentially end up with 475 conquest points just by winning 6 bgs. Not too bad in my opinion and if you tie that with doing ashran it pushes it up to well over 1000 conquest points per day.

Normally the first piece of gear you would buy is a weapon but as there is a cap of 7250ish conquest points to buy a weapon I would suggest buying other things first making sure that as soon as you hit the cap you are able to by a weapon.

For those of you who do not pvp or are more interested in raiding this section is for you.


Before 6.1 people relied on savage feasts for +100 stats when in raids but now that 6.1 has came this has changed. People are now able to use cooking and fishing to create +125 stats for raiding.

Buttered Sturgeon (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +125 Haste

Reagents: Blind Lake Sturgeon Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Jumbo Sea Dog (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +125 Versatility

Reagents: Jawless Skulker Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Pickled Eel (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +125 Critical Strike

Reagents: Abyssal Gulper Eel Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Salty Squid Roll (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +125 Multistrike

Reagents: Fire Ammonite Tentacle (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Sleeper Sushi (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +125 Mastery

Reagents: Fat Sleeper Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Whiptail Fillet (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +Stamina

Reagents: Blackwater Whiptail Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

These are the new recipes that you should consider farming for raiding. I will also say that these are now a good way to make money in Warlords of Draenor in patch 6.1.

I hope both of these guides help you in either PVP or raiding and will get you the kills you need !

Until next time on Geif Loot!

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