FailCapped Recommends.

Welcome to the first edition of FailCapped Recommends.

We will try our best to bring different parts of the wow community together through this section of our blog.

There are obviously many different parts of the wow community that we would like to talk about but I find it only fitting as a long time raider that ask mr robot becomes the first of our recommendations.

Ask mr robot is my go to site to make sure I have everything enchanted, gemmed etc as it should be. More importantly they have recently updated their site to allow you to select your best in bags to find anything you may have missed and should be wearing! They also have a combat log feature which after being in touch with the folks at ask mr robot I found out can also be used to upload combat logs to world of logs. Just incase you want to use both.

The most impressive part of the new combat log system is that there are infographics for each of the new raids in WoD. These can help you compare DPS and HPS against others but keep in mind that it will only compare your healing and damage against boss kills. This may not be ideal if you are using it to compare against a wipe. I myself only ever use these infographics with kills as it makes more sense but it can provide invaluable information to improve what you are doing.

Another thing worth looking at is the ranking system. It will show you who else is doing the best damage and healing etc for each boss in the raids and you can compare their spells to your own. I have used this recently to find out that I was actually using the wrong glyphs and have since seen a 6k increase in healing!

If you are like me and enjoy the data side of wow, then I would suggest looking at the premium features which Ask Mr Robot offers as they will provide yet even more invaluable data to improve your playstyle.

This also allows you to find out the BIS items for your character based on your specific stat priorities.

So please take the time to visit their website and message them on twitter with any issue you come across. @Askmrrobot.

We can’t suggest them highly enough !

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