The Weekly WipeIT!

This week I was raiding heroic highmaul and mythic brf. It may have been normal brf to be totally honest but with the pug group I was in it really did feel like I had just walked into a mythic raid.

I don’t plan to hide my mistakes from this blog, I’m not doing this to sound cool or show how better I am at raiding than you because trust me according to Ask mr robot… i’m sometimes in the bottom 30% of healing for disc priests with my gear!

So firstly I decided to pug heroic highmaul. I no long need anything from LFR as my ilvl is up at 658 at this point. I start to sift through the pugs and theres a few with 660+ ilvl required and ahead of the curve must be linked. I chance my luck and get into the raid having never got AOTC as i’ve yet to kill imp. All I get told is to “not fail” which shouldn’t be too hard as I’ve done 6/7 heroic before (being carried by another pug). Kargath goes down like clockwork in 1 shot, we move on to butcher and 2 shot him. I win a piece of gear which takes my ilvl up to 660. I’m not at the point where I only need to kill one more heroic boss and I will be able to do highmaul mythic follower missions in my garrison for 685 gear! We move on to brackenspore and wipe. A couple of people leave and a few join, the raid leader is pretty pissed and my healing looks shocking on the meters because I was spam healing the shrooms (I sware i was the only one at some points). I’m convinced that healing the shrooms doesn’t show up on the healing meters but maybe i’m talking shit and just really really sucked at healing the fight. We wipe the second try also and more people leave and more people join, this time the raidleader kicks a few low dps as well. Third try the boss is down to about 15% health one of the flamethrower dps dies and i yell pick it up, no-one does anything… I run over pick it up myself and start burning the moss from under the boss… We wipe on 5% boss health. The raidleader kicks me from the raid for picking up the gun and low healing.

Secondly I decide to jump back into a pug with better dps and a raidleader who knows who is actually being shit and who is not… yes i know i shouldn’t have picked the gun up… but atleast i did something.

We wipe on tectus due to a fuck up by the tanks… I didn’t really get a chance to take in what happened we just mass wiped. We then kill tectus on the second try and boom… I win more gear… ilvl 661 now.

We move on to twins and wipe first try… I’m getting fed up by this point but decide to keep going while my flask is still up and on the second try with half the raid dead (myself not included) we down twins and boom… more gear for the Haaggis.. I’m now up to 663 ilvl.

We moved on to heroic Ko’ragh and wiped twice both times due to nullifuckupcations… i decided to leave the raid instead of wasting another flask on the group as we were never getting heroic imp down.

It was getting late but after a little pvping i decided to join a brf normal run and see how I get on now that i’ve surpassed the 660 ilvl (we don’t want your kind round here) pug cap I get a raid no problem and the group has just wiped… to trash.

We get to gruul and wipe twice and again I start to think it’s week 2 and people still don’t understand tactics we might not be getting one boss down.

After replacing a frustrated tank which what can only be described as a jelly tank who clearly bought his account from ebay and had no clue as to what the tactics were we manage somehow to kill gruul…

The look drops and its full of nice stuff for me…. I get nothing.

I decide as it’s 2am to leave the raid instead of suffering more deaths to trash.

On a similar note, our social/casual guild are supposed to be pugging normal highmaul tonight as a semi guild run but there are currently only 2 out of about 250 people signed up so I may cancel the raid in order to go spam heroic imp all night long I get him.

I’ll update you with how we got on next week!

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