Fill Yer Boots

Fill Yer Boots

Welcome to the first edition of “Fill Yer Boots” which will hopefully motivate me to keep track of my gold in wow.

I’d like to take you through the process of attempting to make gold this week in wow.

The first thing I did this week was scrap auctionator in favour of TradeSkillMaster(TSM).

The reason I got rid of TSM in the past was because it was causing me to lag but so far so good i’ve had no login lag issues this week.

The next thing I did was spend about 2 hours going through Phat Lewts youtube videos on how to use TSM.

I highly suggest using these to get to grips with the basics of how to use TSM and I may in future create my own video guides on how to use this addon once i’ve had a bit more experience and made some nice gold to back it up.

So I was now at the point where my priest had jewelcrafting groups and my shaman had alchemy groups in tsm … i had made some flasks etc on my alt and listed them on auction. *Here’s where I went wrong*

  • I left myself with no flasks for raids because i didn’t setup my auctioning properly.
  • I had not researched in any way what price I should be selling the flasks at I just used the suggestion from phat lewts in his guide.
  • I had not spent any time looking at which flasks in particular would be worth selling price wise.
  • I had not checked wowuction to see which sell in the highest amount.

The way I found out I had left myself with no flasks for personal use was when I jumped into a heroic highmaul raid last night with nothing in my bags … yay I’m a pro!

I assume I just got lucky on my pricing because all of my flasks sold which means I either got lucky, got the pricing right, or had them listed too cheaply to maximize margin.

The problem with not spending any time look at which flasks sell means that I probably could have made more money on something else but didn’t.

The same is true of not checking which flasks sell in the highest volume but this is more of an issue with the transmog gear I bought which i’ll talk about later.

So … 12 hours later.. all my flasks sold and i’m a happy bunny right ? Wrong. Although all my flasks did actually sell, what I decided to do after listing all the flasks on the AH was probably a noob mistake but It was one that I was prepared to make in the effort of making gold.

I bough transmog gear…. and lots of it. I tried to keep it reasonably cheap and spread my eggs into lots of baskets and in the end I ended up with about 60ish listings for about 25k gold which cost me about 4k to buy.

And then it happened! I seen a purple ring of high ilvl going cheap in the sniper part of TSM and I thought nows my chance to make some money ! It was listed in TSM as being worth 17k on my server and someone had just listed it at 7k A STEAL!

I snatched it up and re listed it… 12 hours later, 3 undercuts and 3 re listings it still hasn’t sold. The price has now dropped to about 14k on the server. I don’t want to reduce the price anymore so I have now re listed this item in total about 5 times in order to keep undercutting the undercutter. If I took roleplay a bit more seriously on this server then it would probably have just ended up as a duel outside stormwind with the other seller to decide who gets to keep selling in trade chat because there certainly wasn’t enough room for the two of us!

And now I have a ring I can’t use, don’t want and in general just annoying me.

Then I took a list through all of my transmog listings…. 4 out of 60 sold…. total profit generated … about 200g.

I was starting to lose my mind and decided to just keep re listing and undercutting everyone in the AH by 1copper when they expire.

It’s been a very tricky few days trying to make my way into the AH trade and learn how to make gold but I think I’m going to revist it all from scratch this time and pick one profession which sells pretty well on my server and start by crafting and listing. The only other thing i’ll do is flip ore from cheap to expensive when the AH traffic peaks.

Current Gold Standings as of this week.

  • Starting Gold = 42K
  • Amount Spent = 11K
  • Current Gold = 39K
  • Return on Investment = 8K
  • Weekly Investment Profit = -3K
  • Total Profit  = -3K
  • No. of Investment Items on Hand = 50
  • Estimate Value of Items on Hand = 20k-30k
  • Potential Total Gold = 59K
  • Potential Profit = 17K

I have decided to wait until I get back to my Starting Gold before going on another AH spree.

I will generate money through leveling my Warlock and garrison missions.

Things I’ll be keeping in mind for this week.

  • Research AH for JC pricing/sell amounts
  • Research AH for Alchemy pricing/sell amounts
  • Keep learning new crafting recipes.
  • Look into ore prices throughout the day and find a good buy/sell price.
  • Sell the epic ring and my taladite amplifier!
  • Cap investment to 10% of current gold until better profits are made.

It’s only the first week so give me a break but so far my hoofs are empty haha.

Hopefully I’ll have more luck next week !

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