Bug Life.

Bug Life

This is the first in a series of weekly blogs based around the bugs people have found in game.

Bug Life will come out every Tuesday and will contain the follow.

Updates on the blogs in the wow forums.

Anything we have personally noticed in game (but we never notice stuff!)

Pictures of bugs that people have come across.

Videos of bugs found in game.

This week I’d like to focus on a strange bug which was found by Mr Serpentes.

As you can see in the video below, the char is porting on the screen in the arena.

Could this be lag or is this a bug? Looks pretty buggy to me.

Another bug we’d like to point out this week comes from Andre Filipe.

As you cans ee in the video below, his garrison is full of other players.

And he’s not in a party or raid… Party time!

It’s just a shame this is a bug and not a real thing! Aliance/Horde garrisons would be soo much better!

I’m not sure how we would explain the 1000’s of duplicated followers but something spacey would do!

Have you come across any bugs in wow ? We want to know about it!  FailCapped at gmail dot com.

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