Failcapped Guides to everything. (youtube)

We’ve been thinking about what we should do with the failcapped youtube channel and we’ve finally decided.

We are going to do guides to absolutely everything.

Elyas has told me that one of his friends offered to create an intro animation for us too which saves me a lot of effort!

I’ve also decided to start uploading all of the audio podcasts to youtube for people to listen there as well.

Check back soon for more news on our youtube channel, I think i might start off with doing guides on the old raids.

I’ve also decided to start updating a class guide for my priest. I will let you all know what I think about while healing as disc.

I’m nowhere near the best disc healer but I am striving to learn how to become one and I want to share everything I learn with you guys !

Depending on how things go, We may start putting up guides to playing other classes too.

I hope you all have enjoyed listening to our double podcast episode this week !

Blog posts will hopefully be coming more frequently soon as I attempt to push to what I know it can become !

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