Content Creators wanted !

Failcapped are looking for volunteers to start contributing to our blog.

Do you have a vast experience of a particular class in wow ?

Do you live to hear about class changes and patch notes?

Do you want to actively discuss wow on a day to day basis ?

Do you think you could provide us with well written articles about your gameplay experience ?

Do others love your humour?

We need all of this and more if we are going to achieve what we set out to do.

It does not need to be class specific, you could be in love with RPing, PVPing, making gold, finding funny things in game, collecting mounts, collecting pets, fishing all hours of the day and theorycrafting.

We will allow you to write about the things that make you happiest in wow, and you will have full control about what goes into your section of the blog! After i’ve proof read it 🙂

We want to give you a place you have your views and opinions heard.

If you make wow videos become part of our extended family ! Do you want to be on the podcast let us know.

Failcapped wants you !  Email us at Failcapped at gmail dot com or pm me at @FailCapped for more info.

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