The Loot Dispute.

Sup Wowers?

As many of you know, I’ve been raiding normal content with a guild of IRL friends.

We only have 5 or 6 core members and have had to recruit the rest. (Well the calibre of said recruited players left plenty to be desired!)

It was always going to happen and last night it finally did. The GM decided not to give loot to the highest roller based on the fact that his/her DPS was crap. Instead choosing to give it to the newest undergeared most promising player.

I decided after the raid to call the GM out on this and he replied by kicking me from the guild. Please remember at this point that we are both IRL friends and so i know he was just abusing his power for the sake of it and would instantly re-invite me to the guild.

I decided that I would not be re-joining the guild. Instead opting to create my own mass social guild. I managed to get 4 people to sign the guild charter last night after about an hour of searching, begging and pleading as well as having 2 others sign and then join other guilds, delaying the guilds creation.

I installed the brilliant but annoying for everyone else guild spammer addon and managed to recruit 10 new people to the guild. We now had more people online than my previous guild, RESULT!

I decided to be nice to everyone since it was the first day of the guild and made them all officers to what should quickly become one of the largest social guilds on our server.

I also convinced Gray to take his two main characters out of the old guild and come join me and we will pug raids if we have to in order to progress until the guild is large enough to start it’s own raiding group.

I’ve invited all 11 characters to the guild and have spent a few thousand gold on guild bank tabs so there is no turning back now !

We will discuss this in the next podcast which should hopefully be recorded tonight.

Are you casual or social ? Do you play on Defias Brotherhood/ Scarshield Legion / Sporeggar / The venture Co on EU servers ?

Come and join us ! @ <FailCapped> the guild!

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