1000 hits.

Sup wowers?

This is just a little thank you note to everyone who has been listening to our podcasts.

It’s only been a couple of months at most, and we’ve managed to surpass 1,000 website hits already.

We will hopefully continue to provide quality podcasting content in a quality accent for the rest of the year on our trials and tribulations with regards to world of warcraft.

If you would like to come on our show and voice your support, issues, general wow experience, we could be swayed to get you on here.

Just tweet us @Failcapped or email us at Failcapped at gmail dot com and we can sort something out hopefully.

We are starting raiding heroic highmaul this week so i’m sure that will bring about plenty to talk about this coming weekend which I’ve already decided in advance will be named Episode V – The Heroic strikes back which is in keeping with our star wars episode name theme.

I would also like to take a moment to mention that I’ve been doing a little bit of theorycrafting on how to play disc priests and will potentially be creating a “basic” guide for people starting out playing the class. (It won’t be perfect, but it will be “something”)

Hopefully over this coming year I can build up a full set of my own guides for people to have a quick look at if they are unsure when starting a new spec. (yes i already know maintaining this will become no hoff……. and all Hassle!

I’ve also decided that i’m going to start streaming on twitch a bit more and you can watch us at twitch.tv/failcapped. I’ll always post on twitter before I log on, so keep your eyes peeled there for updates.

I’ve also decided to start recording raids and upload them to youtube, so lots of new things incoming from the guys at FailCapped and we hope you will all come along for the ride !

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