FailCapped Podcast : Episode IV – A New Patch (Special Guest DreadRavenAnzu)

Click below to listen to episode IV of our podcast where we talk again to DreadRavenAnzu who tweets about Poundfist spawns/kills tracking him for the US.

Or Download it by right clicking Here!

This weeks episode we discuss..

DreadRavenAnzu’s celebrity twitter status.
What we got up to in wow over the last week.
What’s really pissing us off this week.
A bit about some wow news for those who dont read mmo-champ etc. Like patch 6.1
We answer some questions.
We talk about our guilds.
We talk about raiding highmaul and issues we’re having.
Our top 5 things to do whilst also playing wow.
I let Anzu pick this weeks outro song.

And a few other things.

Host: Haaggis/Alli
Co-Host: GrayPhox/Scott, Elyas/Chris
Guest Speaker : Anzu.

Twitter: @Failcapped
Twitter: @ScotlandChris7
Twitter: @DreadRavenAnzu

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