Printing Gold in Wow.

I’m going to start working on a page for the website which will be dedicated to making gold in wow.

This all started because I was planning to main my Shaman and then decided to switch to main priest.

Now I only started with 42k and by the time i had managed to level up both chars to 100 and my hunter to 95 I had spent about 20K on my Garrison and blueprints.

I started to panic as gold was getting lower than I would like it to be on my account. This is what drove me to try and find ways of making money in wow.

I may actually do some youtube videos on this as well as I find having videos like fatbossTV for tactics on raid fights can sometimes work even better than reading a guide like Icy-Veins.

Keep checking back from time to time as I’ll update the guide with whatever tips and tricks I come across.

Hopefully by the end of the guides you will be near enough printing gold.

PS. I have made >8,000 gold in the last 3 days trading on the Auction House using a spreadsheet I made from imported wow data.

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