The First Episode.

Sup Wowers?

Yesterday we recorded our first podcast episode! Yay!

It was a little bit scary but somehow we managed to talk about wow for 96 minutes. I honestly never knew we had it in us.

I’m your Host : Haaggis and my Co-Host : Gray Phox.

Together we hope to bring you weekly (as often as possible) updates on what we are doing and where we are with World of Warcraft.

After an extended period off from Mists of Pandaria I’ve not only come back to wow but have moved back on to our old #original server Scarshield Legion.

We also have a guild which if you are on the EU servers you are welcome to join. The guild is <Shadow Pact>.

We are a little low on numbers just now so are currently recruiting raiders of all classes and specs.

I have a bit more tinkering to do with the site so please don’t be put off with how things look just now as it is just the beginning for us.

I’ll hopefully get the podcast edited and uploaded tonight as I know you are all desperate to listen to a couple of scottish guys laugh and cry over wow.

We have quite a few guest speakers in the works and everyone is welcome to join us.

Contact us on twitter: @FailCapped, send us an email FailCapped – at – g – mail dot com and subscribe to us on youtube.

Hopefully i’ll be able to record video for the next podcast and we might even have some live twitch streams coming soon.

Get in touch! Bookmark our page and have a look later on tonight for the podcast #Ep1 – The Phantom Shaman Buff.


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