6.2 boo hoo boo

The unhappy subs are out in force today. So many people have given up again with wow. My guild managed to get 850 members after the WOD expansion but has since almost fallen apart. I kicked 650 members from the guild for being AFK for over two months! And on a weekly basis another 10-30 people go AFK. I’m constantly spam recruiting more casuals to try and keep the guild actively but the truth is, we are struggling to get people to socialise now never mind pvp and raid. I won’t patronise you by asking is this the end of wow because let’s face it, the end is not near. What needs to happen though is drastic changes come about to bring back all of these lost subs. 10 million subscribers must be down to about 7 million by now because every raiding guild I know is struggling to keep their numbers up. Twitter is just a constant stream of negativity about the game, and what was once excitement for 6.2 has turned into a raging argument about flying, weak pvp classes and how drastic changes are needed. It’s about time wow stopped making everything so accessible for the casual player in my opinion. Premade group finder is a great tool but it’s also killing the need for guilds. These people who are probably about heroic level would be in a guild which would be progressing through mythic but instead they … Just… Aren’t. I got fed up of the apexis daily quest, I got fed up trying to figure out what the hell is going on in ashran, so I settled for making gold,  levelling chars and raiding. From 32,000g to 370,000g and 7/10 mythic BRF I’ve done quite a lot in this expansion but I’ve not touched archaeology,pvp, and have even paid to have two characters boosted to 90, to avoid having to even level. Wow needs change, wow needs to find a way to bring the fun back for the Monday-Friday 4 hours a night keyboard ninja. I want mass interaction, I want garrisons removed, I want a cap on the number of guilds on a server to force people to bunch up, I want flying(I paid for it at one point so don’t take it away from me!) Originally people were asking for a home in game to decorate as they wished, to sit in with guildies and have fun, what we ended up with was a lonely effectively soul draining daily quest which is now being expanded into 6.2 via boat missions… For the love of wow garrisons need to be removed. Replace them with a guild area of similar area. 

I’m telling you this because I love you. Stop being a dick wow. Stop being a dick.

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The changes are coming thick and fast.

We’ve been putting the podcast on hold for a few weeks now, and it will probably continue for a few more.

I’ve been raiding mythic content and have actually pulled my main from the failcapped guild.

I’m now juggling raiding with a mythic progression group as well as keeping the casual guild going .

On the whole it’s been getting tougher and tougher to find time for the meta side of things.

I just wanted to keep everyone updated with what’s being going on with us.

Haaggis – Mythic raiding 5/10 so far.

GrayPhox – Currently a little burnt out from WoD so is playing some other games for now.

Chris – Still playing wow, just not as much recently.

We’re making the switch now from the podcasts to youtube videos and it’ll be a few weeks before we are back in action.

I’m looking into changing the site as well to make it more professional.

I want this site to develop into a community for people (because there’s not enough communities already right? )

Well there are, but it’s not OUR community haha so stick with us !

Once we have some things in place to do youtube videos I’ll be hoping to put them up thick and fast.

There are ideas pouring out but as of now there’s very little being done. This should hopefully change in the next few weeks especially once the mythic progression is finished.

I spent 90 minutes last night toying with weak aurus and It got me thinking that it would probably be really worthwhile to create a full set of youtube videos which purely go into the dark depths of the addons we take for granted on a daily basis.

The downside to this is obviously that i’ll need to learn the addons properly for myself, but i’m more than willing to do it !

I’ve got a few more ideas which i’m not currently willing to share with everyone but once we get set up, the youtube videos should start flooding in 🙂

Thanks for coming back !

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It might be time to “Pivot”

The fite has been going for just over 3 months now… We’ve had quite a lot of fun with doing the podcasts etc but recently we’re starting to feel the burn out effect of the expansion.

It’s at this point in every expansions where one of two things happen. We go casual and stop raiding as much …. or …. we stop playing altogether and cancel the subscription.

Currently, I find myself wanting to stick it out. I’ve been raiding heroic BRF and have managed to get up to 8/10 and really want to get the full clear, but I have already settled with the fact that Mythic raiding is not for me. It’s not that I don’t want to do it. It’s just the fact that I’m working fulltime, while raiding 3 times a week as well as supposedly doing Uni full-time… which recently has turned into not at all…

I need to get my uni stuff back on track so, It’s looking ever more likely that I will have to take a pass on mythic raiding in order to focus on getting my degree.

I have to say that this site, being a guild leader, and having such a big guild with a decent bunch of people is really the main reason why I’ve decided not to un-sub this expansion. Something I didn’t have a problem with during MoP.

I’ve decided that once I get heroic blackhand I’ll be giving mythic raiding a miss, and will then start to focus more on gold farming, achievement farming, mount farming, alt levelling as well as doing youtube videos and guides.

I may even pvp from time to time on my hunter *gulp*.

We are hoping to keep the podcast going for as long as we can as we enjoy doing it. But I’m letting you all know that there will be a point in the future where we might need to pivot away from the podcast to focus on other things.

The one thing that everyone seems to take a keen interest in is gold making, which is why I think I will be focusing on that. My first target is going to be to hit 500,000 gold. So be prepared for plenty more gold making tips to start coming your way.

I’ll also do my best to provide people with in-depth guides to using a whole bunch of different spreadsheets and addons etc.

I’m also going to do my best to re-work a whole bunch of other peoples spreadsheets into a giant mastersheet that everyone will be able to use.

Whether or not this all gets incorporated into some ebook i sell at a later date remains to be seen until I get a much better grasp on gold making in WoD.

We hope you stick with us through the slow times and I’ll hopefully have a new podcast for you guys up tonight !

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FailCapped Podcast : Episode 8 – 50 Shades Of GrayPhox

Click below to listen to episode 8 of our podcast where we talk about all things 6.1 as well as catching up with Elyas about the goings on in his guild!

Or Download it by right clicking Here!

This weeks episode we discuss..

The Family
The first guild raid
Gray and I raiding with
Elyas has a bitchfit about something 😛
We all have a bitchfit who are we kidding it’s why we do this
Some news from patch 6.1
This weeks wow addon
The top 5 section is replaced with our favourites section.
The bullshit section is replaced with an entirely unfair Lore Quiz section (Sorry Gray) LOL.
Elyas named the episode as well as choosing the outro.

And as always, a few other things.

Host: Haaggis/Alli
Co-Host: GrayPhox/Scott, Elyas/Chris

Twitter: @Failcapped
Twitter: @ScotlandChris7

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FailCapped Podcast : Episode VII – The Goblin Awakens

Click below to listen to episode VII of our podcast where we update you with our little wow lives.

Or Download it by right clicking Here!

Host: Haaggis/Alli
Co-Host: Elyas/Chris
Co-Host: GrayPhox / Scott

Twitter: @Failcapped
Twitter: @ScotlandChris7

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Get Over Here!

Get Over Here!

It has been a couple of weeks since the last edition of Get Over Here so it’s time for an update!

Not only has <FailCapped> now got over 600 members, but we are working towards both a raiding team and RGB team.

We now seem to average between 30 and 60 people online at any one time and I can only say that this is a great improvement on where we were even just a couple of weeks ago.

The raids so far have been somewhat dissapointing due to a lack of proper raid leadership but I’m currently gearwhoring with another guild helping them out with Heroic BRF.

Once things have slowed down on the raiding front with the sister guild <Bloodwind> then I will be able to go back to casual raiding with my own guild unless ofcourse they want me to start raiding mythic content with them… which would ofcourse be hard to turn down.

We have about 20 officers currently in <FailCapped> and I’m currently keeping track of people who joined the guild with alts and then decided to AFK and never play.

We have also had a bit of guild drama which is to be expected with such a large group of people.

There was someone who was an officer for just under a week and then pissed other people off. There’s not much I can do bar kick them from the guild but in all fairness we took a vote as officers and it was unanimous.

I will however kick people who join the guild and are complete pricks from the start haha which has also happened on several occaisions.

I hope to keep you all updated with the progress of our guild and what is happening next week !

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Bug Life.

Bug Life

With patch 6.1 came the introduction of Selfies from the new S.E.L.F.I.E camera.

This can be received from a garrison follower mission as well as an upgraded lens from another mission which allows users to apply filters to the pictures.

As you can see from the picture below though, not all selfies are created equally 😛

This was found in a post on reddit.

Another bug which has been found since the release of 6.1 is less funny and more just plain annoying.

A number of people now seem to have UI issues as can be seen from the picture below.

Like all things though we will hopefully see this resolved soon enough as they seem to do nothing but hotfix these days!

Patch 6.1 also gifted us followers with the treasure hunting trait. This means that if there is a mission worth 100g and you apply 3 followers with this trait then you will see a gain of 300g (it is always a 100% increase of the original gold amount).

But somewhere along the lines there seem to have been some bugs as you can see from the following picture that guy is clearly not getting the right amount of gold. And this is also apparent in his total gold profit since he logged in on his char.

Oh and if you ever fancy flying underground in Wow there is always this…

We hope to bring you more bugs in next weeks edition of Bug Life.

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Geif Loot!

With each blog about loot we want to allow you to keep up to date with the types of things you should be after.

For this blog I would like to make two changes to patch 6.1 clear to players that are planning to raid and PVP.

If you are new to PVP then you may or may not be aware that the way gear works is Conquest Gear > Honor gear.


Up until the patch the best way of getting conquest points which are the best tier of pvp was by doing Ashran. Now that patch 6.1 has dropped though this has changed. Yes ashran is still worth doing if your faction is currently winning but you can now earn conquest points from winning battlegrounds. You will receive 150 conquest points for your first BG win of the day as well as 75 conquest points for each win thereafter. This means that if you were to spend 4 hours spamming bgs you could potentially end up with 475 conquest points just by winning 6 bgs. Not too bad in my opinion and if you tie that with doing ashran it pushes it up to well over 1000 conquest points per day.

Normally the first piece of gear you would buy is a weapon but as there is a cap of 7250ish conquest points to buy a weapon I would suggest buying other things first making sure that as soon as you hit the cap you are able to by a weapon.

For those of you who do not pvp or are more interested in raiding this section is for you.


Before 6.1 people relied on savage feasts for +100 stats when in raids but now that 6.1 has came this has changed. People are now able to use cooking and fishing to create +125 stats for raiding.

Buttered Sturgeon (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +125 Haste

Reagents: Blind Lake Sturgeon Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Jumbo Sea Dog (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +125 Versatility

Reagents: Jawless Skulker Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Pickled Eel (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +125 Critical Strike

Reagents: Abyssal Gulper Eel Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Salty Squid Roll (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +125 Multistrike

Reagents: Fire Ammonite Tentacle (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Sleeper Sushi (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +125 Mastery

Reagents: Fat Sleeper Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Whiptail Fillet (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +Stamina

Reagents: Blackwater Whiptail Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

These are the new recipes that you should consider farming for raiding. I will also say that these are now a good way to make money in Warlords of Draenor in patch 6.1.

I hope both of these guides help you in either PVP or raiding and will get you the kills you need !

Until next time on Geif Loot!

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FailCapped Recommends.

Welcome to the first edition of FailCapped Recommends.

We will try our best to bring different parts of the wow community together through this section of our blog.

There are obviously many different parts of the wow community that we would like to talk about but I find it only fitting as a long time raider that ask mr robot becomes the first of our recommendations.

Ask mr robot is my go to site to make sure I have everything enchanted, gemmed etc as it should be. More importantly they have recently updated their site to allow you to select your best in bags to find anything you may have missed and should be wearing! They also have a combat log feature which after being in touch with the folks at ask mr robot I found out can also be used to upload combat logs to world of logs. Just incase you want to use both.

The most impressive part of the new combat log system is that there are infographics for each of the new raids in WoD. These can help you compare DPS and HPS against others but keep in mind that it will only compare your healing and damage against boss kills. This may not be ideal if you are using it to compare against a wipe. I myself only ever use these infographics with kills as it makes more sense but it can provide invaluable information to improve what you are doing.

Another thing worth looking at is the ranking system. It will show you who else is doing the best damage and healing etc for each boss in the raids and you can compare their spells to your own. I have used this recently to find out that I was actually using the wrong glyphs and have since seen a 6k increase in healing!

If you are like me and enjoy the data side of wow, then I would suggest looking at the premium features which Ask Mr Robot offers as they will provide yet even more invaluable data to improve your playstyle.

This also allows you to find out the BIS items for your character based on your specific stat priorities.

So please take the time to visit their website http://www.AskMrRobot.com and message them on twitter with any issue you come across. @Askmrrobot.

We can’t suggest them highly enough !

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The Weekly WipeIT!

This week I was raiding heroic highmaul and mythic brf. It may have been normal brf to be totally honest but with the pug group I was in it really did feel like I had just walked into a mythic raid.

I don’t plan to hide my mistakes from this blog, I’m not doing this to sound cool or show how better I am at raiding than you because trust me according to Ask mr robot… i’m sometimes in the bottom 30% of healing for disc priests with my gear!

So firstly I decided to pug heroic highmaul. I no long need anything from LFR as my ilvl is up at 658 at this point. I start to sift through the pugs and theres a few with 660+ ilvl required and ahead of the curve must be linked. I chance my luck and get into the raid having never got AOTC as i’ve yet to kill imp. All I get told is to “not fail” which shouldn’t be too hard as I’ve done 6/7 heroic before (being carried by another pug). Kargath goes down like clockwork in 1 shot, we move on to butcher and 2 shot him. I win a piece of gear which takes my ilvl up to 660. I’m not at the point where I only need to kill one more heroic boss and I will be able to do highmaul mythic follower missions in my garrison for 685 gear! We move on to brackenspore and wipe. A couple of people leave and a few join, the raid leader is pretty pissed and my healing looks shocking on the meters because I was spam healing the shrooms (I sware i was the only one at some points). I’m convinced that healing the shrooms doesn’t show up on the healing meters but maybe i’m talking shit and just really really sucked at healing the fight. We wipe the second try also and more people leave and more people join, this time the raidleader kicks a few low dps as well. Third try the boss is down to about 15% health one of the flamethrower dps dies and i yell pick it up, no-one does anything… I run over pick it up myself and start burning the moss from under the boss… We wipe on 5% boss health. The raidleader kicks me from the raid for picking up the gun and low healing.

Secondly I decide to jump back into a pug with better dps and a raidleader who knows who is actually being shit and who is not… yes i know i shouldn’t have picked the gun up… but atleast i did something.

We wipe on tectus due to a fuck up by the tanks… I didn’t really get a chance to take in what happened we just mass wiped. We then kill tectus on the second try and boom… I win more gear… ilvl 661 now.

We move on to twins and wipe first try… I’m getting fed up by this point but decide to keep going while my flask is still up and on the second try with half the raid dead (myself not included) we down twins and boom… more gear for the Haaggis.. I’m now up to 663 ilvl.

We moved on to heroic Ko’ragh and wiped twice both times due to nullifuckupcations… i decided to leave the raid instead of wasting another flask on the group as we were never getting heroic imp down.

It was getting late but after a little pvping i decided to join a brf normal run and see how I get on now that i’ve surpassed the 660 ilvl (we don’t want your kind round here) pug cap I get a raid no problem and the group has just wiped… to trash.

We get to gruul and wipe twice and again I start to think it’s week 2 and people still don’t understand tactics we might not be getting one boss down.

After replacing a frustrated tank which what can only be described as a jelly tank who clearly bought his account from ebay and had no clue as to what the tactics were we manage somehow to kill gruul…

The look drops and its full of nice stuff for me…. I get nothing.

I decide as it’s 2am to leave the raid instead of suffering more deaths to trash.

On a similar note, our social/casual guild are supposed to be pugging normal highmaul tonight as a semi guild run but there are currently only 2 out of about 250 people signed up so I may cancel the raid in order to go spam heroic imp all night long I get him.

I’ll update you with how we got on next week!

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